Born in Japan and now based in NYC Satoshi Suzuki has spent years traveling the world and working in the industry which has led to an immense amount of knowledge and inspiration. He honed in his skill during the pandemic after stumbling across vintage embroidered chambray pieces that reminded him of his past. Unable to find comparable options on the market he started embroidering his own. With patience, care, and persistence he has been able to create pieces of wearable art showcasing his Japanese heritage and playful take on everyday life.

Satoshi currently consults and buys for some of the most influential showrooms and companies in fashion. In his free time he is always sketching and working on custom pieces for his devoted following. Otakara NYC means "Treasure NYC" and like the brand name, each pieces is as rare and unique as they come. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to collect a piece of your own.

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